We believe everyone should participate in an inclusive society and have made efforts within our website to allow people of all ages and abilities access to the information and event listing we provide.

High contrast version
For users who find reading black text on a white background difficult we have provided 2 alternative High Contrast version using yellow text on a black background and black text on a yellow background.

To access these please choose from drop down box provided below.

Style 1 (Default)
Style 2
Style 3

No text only version
The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidline 11.4 strongly discourages using text only versions of websites except as a last resort.

One major concern for people using read only versions is that they are poorly maintained and contain information that is out of date, with this in mind we have chosen to provide one version of this website, making it accessible to all.

We make every effort to provide alternative text for our images. Our website also uses images as background graphics in the cascading style sheet.

Access Keys
Most modern browsers support jumping through certain links by typing keys defined within the website. On Windows systems press ALT, the access key number followed by Enter, on Macintosh use Control and the access key.

We have chosen to provide only 3 access keys within our website as access keys often clash with browser specific keys and screen reading software. We have defined our access keys below which follows the minimal set of access keys from the UK Government standard:

  • Access key 0 – Accessibility statement (current page)
  • Access key 1 – Home page
  • Access key 9 – Contact Us page

Enlarging text
We have for ease provided to the top left of our website links to enlarge, reset and decrease the font sizes. We also use Cookies within this system so you dont loose the size you set when you navigate around the website. For this you must not have cookies disabled.

Most modern browsers also allow you to enlarge your text either from the keyboard, or via the settings panel.

We recommend Mozilla Firefox as he best internet browser.

Using Mozilla Firefox you can enlarge your text setting by following the below:
‘Tools – Options – Content – Open dropdown Size box and alter to suit – click OK’

Website Zooming
Most modern browsers support Zooming via the computer keyboard. This method enables you to quickly enlarge a webpage. To use the zoom facility on a Windows system hold down Ctrl and press + key, on Macintosh hold Control and press + . This can be done as many times as you wish.

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