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Carnation Care has been meeting since 2003 and became formalised on the 14th February 2011.

The majority of us have known each other from the days when we worked together at Help For Carers, a domiciliary care charity, which closed in 2003.  Some continued meeting up and arranging Social Events.

It became clear that we needed to be legally formed due to various changes that are occurring within the Health and Social Care field. The group also wanted to have different activities available.  It was also realised that there could be a lot more people with support needs that would like to attend our Social Events and Activities.

Who includes the older person? People who just want companionship? What about people who have had mental health problems? People with severe complex needs?  Everyone has different support needs, and they’re not always accomodated for.

Our original focus has always been to ensure that people with any support needs have them met, with real and effective support systems.  Community Link services are reasonably priced, available, user friendly and suitable.

Our Community Link project is the first step in ensuring that our dreams become a reality. We have a vision that everyone who has support needs, can have them met within their own neighbourhood.

Community Link has four phases;

Phase Process Stage
One Pilot / Feasibility.

Numerous groups and individuals were approached to establish individual views on whether the community link idea was feasible.  All responses were positive regarding the creation of activities within communities / neighbourhoods for people to use.

Two Mapping / Partnerships.

Face to face discussions with community centre mangers to identify what activities are currently delivered.  Also identifying what gaps in current provision there is to assist with the creation of activity development


Face to face meetings with attendees of Day centre to establish ideas for activity development.

Identifying partnerships and links within neighbourhoods to continue momentum and to ensure that everyone is working together for ensure sustainability.

On Going.

This stage will be a continuous process

Three Web Design.

Web design was established and is being developed, we commissioned Geoff Boult to create the Web Site, due to usablity, cost and efficiency.  Geoff also has a lot of skills that can be utilised within the site, such as accessibiltiy for people with support needs, see accessiblty link

On Going
Four Activity Creation.

Our first was our Social Night with Peter Lawson, were fun was had by all.  We also have set some dates for accomodating activities within Vale Park, the first of many.

On Going
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